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Angel Franchez

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Angel Franchez

Post by angel on Sun Nov 15, 2009 7:33 am

In Game Name :Angel Franchez

STEAM ID:Angel Franchez" 28 STEAM_0:1:17570258 0 01:49 221 0

Email (Optional)

If yes or no would you like a @michaelstsrp email:um nah im ok but if i need to yes
Xfire (Optional) :

Past Admin Experience :3 years experience

Anyone at Michaels TSRP that has played and is a Well known player can back you up? :tyler handson, daniel anderson and dibbie lt

Why should you get it? :i should get it because im passionate on this game i love the game i know the rules i know the people and i have the experience required.

2 Individuals start swearing at each other, F - Bomb is dropped multiple times they are starting a HUGE Commotion interfering with others play:If i saw this i would completely mute them first then i would kick them and if they come back ban and report it to owner.


2) Server is chaos EVERYONE is swearing at each other, Not a good environment for new players. What would you do:i would first do the best i can by kicking most chaotic people if required i would ban and report to friendly admins.

3) People keep begging you to spawn them items, What do you do:i would tell them to stop with a warning and tell them to roleplay the game like the rest of the people and earn it with hard work.

3b) What would you do if they dont stop:if they dont stop i would ignore the matter and if they start fights because they wont stop a kick or ban if i must.

4) You see a admin spawning a player $$ or items what do you do:i would tell him to talk to me and then report to owner or friendly admins and have a conversation over it.

Servers played on before, And all RP Names should be also put into this:servers ive played on kaski tsrp micheals rp, taco rp, silenttts servers and others i cant rember this instant.

other information:i know all commands well most im good with teaching new people of specialists the rules im good with people and know most admins.


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Re: Angel Franchez

Post by Marcus on Sun Nov 15, 2009 8:12 am

Denied, Sorry, Please re apply 1 week or more AFTER server goes live, I will then request players thoughts and other admins opinions .

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