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Decisions Of Fund Placements

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Decisions Of Fund Placements

Post by Carlito Brigante on Fri Nov 13, 2009 5:53 am

Estates: $NONE$

Weapons: $NONE$

Drugs: $NONE$

Alcohol: $NONE$

Prostitution: $NONE$

Other Illegal Items: $NONE$

These are the items that will be sold by the Brigante Family. They are colored in this forum. I want all Family Members to memorize the colors and what color goes to each item. You may be wondering why and I will explain. Your objectives are to state dominance, sell your product, and do it without being caught. When your gonna sell somethen to some person on the street, you will NEVER go up and say you wanna buy some dope or you wanna buy a strap. Here is the code. You wanna buy some blues? You wanna buy a Violet. Now, this code cant last for more then a month. After that we will make up a new code. The reason why is to stay one step ahead of the cops. This code will prevent you from selling to undercovers and off duties.
Now you can also see i put $NONE$. This means the amount of funds put into each product on a regular basses to be sold. Now ofcourse there is none since the server is not open yet, But I want everything in working rythem, the second day of grand opening. I want us to be on top of business. I will get the Underboss to take care of bribing certain police officers, and if we get a Iburg News team, we will work on bribing a few writers. Bribing will keep the cops off our business and keep the writers from spreading news of us publicly in a bad way. Having writers can also help us spread bad news of rival gangs. This may seem like something to not even go after, but trust me. If we take care of the small things, the big things will take care of them selves.
Best Regards Of The Brigante Family,
Signed & Sealed By Don Carlito Brigante
Carlito Brigante

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