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Albert Greene App(not chief)

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Albert Greene App(not chief)

Post by Albert Greene on Thu Nov 12, 2009 9:04 am

There's no preset app here, so I just stole one from my other server.
Don't hire me for chief or anything, because I'm not going to be available often enough to run anything. Pretty much my times available are 8-10 Central Time Sunday thru Friday, and about 8-whenever on Saturday.

| IC Section |

Name: Albert Greene
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian
Contact number: (When I get one...) 333-333(If that's the format)

Work history: None(New Character, but I've got roughly 5 months of PD experience, 3-4 years of TSRP experience)

| OOC Section |
SteamID: (Found by typing "status" (without " ") in console when connected to any server.)
Steam Friends alias: Atsu
Rank applying: I dunno, Senior Officer or something.
Why do you want to be a police officer?: Because this world needs order, and I have done a lot of evil on other servers and want to make up for it on this one(I have a philosophy about balance of good and evil)

| Theory test |

List 3 key factors of making an arrest.

What should you be doing to assert your authority on the streets?
Wear the uniform when on duty, talk in a respectable manor(not swearing constantly, not much slang and such)

You arrive late to the scene of a robbery at the bank to find one officer laying on the sidewalk out the front, having suffered a gunshot to the stomach and another officer ducking behind their car out of ammo... how would you handle this situation?
Give the one without ammo my gun, try to heal the one with the gunshot wound, call for backup,
and continue as normal for a bank robbery.

Have you really read the code of conduct?
Well this server doesn't have one, but I have the general idea.
Albert Greene

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Re: Albert Greene App(not chief)

Post by Marcus on Thu Nov 12, 2009 9:12 am

Pending Once we have a chief he'll decide, you may want to clean the app up a bit hehe my 2 cents. Can't tell you anymore cause that would be cheating, Good Luck !

Server Owner
Server Owner

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